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This website and its blogging platform are aimed at individuals, businesses and organisations who

  • are looking to expand and renew the supply of rental housing in the Brussels-Capital Region
  • want to generate an impact in terms of well-being
  • are strongly committed to sustainability
  • who wish to promote an inclusive society

Good housing is the basis for well-being

If you ask people to describe their ideal rental home, they will talk about space, a pleasant neighbourhood, acceptable cost, good management, a sense of security... They will probably all agree that a satisfying place to live creates a sense of comfort and contributes to general health and well-being.

But the reverse is also true: if your living situation is not optimal, life becomes worrisome and your general well-being deteriorates.

The rental price is not the only problem

In the Brussels Capital Region, where about 60% of the population rents a home, there is a growing imbalance between supply and demand. More and more people are finding it difficult to find affordable and comfortable accommodation to rent. Many dwellings do not meet the quality and safety standards required by law. Moreover, some people do not even get the chance to rent a place due to discrimination or prejudice against them, or because of their personal situation.

Joining forces is necessary

There is an urgent need to expand and renew the supply of rental housing and to adapt it to the needs of the inhabitants. Neither the government nor the private sector have yet succeeded in structurally improving the housing situation of Brussels tenants.

I am convinced that in order to make faster progress, citizens, companies and government authorities should combine their efforts and resources. Housing is a matter that concerns us all and is inextricably linked to the theme of sustainability and the tackling of the climate crisis.

A co-operative company, with the general public

The cooperative, and more specifically the mixed or multi-stakeholder cooperative, is an adequate instrument to meet this challenge. A characteristic of this type of cooperative is that it brings together different stakeholders in a single organisation. All activities, from property development to letting, operating and managing the property, are integrated into one organisation. Housing then becomes a package of services that takes into account the interests of all parties involved.

Many people - individuals or companies - are willing to become members of a cooperative if they can gain a financial return and/or other benefit.

How to get there?

Social innovation and impact

Involving the general public in a challenge such as the housing of the future is a social innovation in itself. Investing in real estate becomes within reach for everyone, including people with a limited investment budget. A sense of involvement stimulates creativity and leads to empowerment.

In order to offer a global solution to all stakeholders, the cooperative proposes an inclusive way of collaboration and coexistence, with sustainability at the forefront. In this way, the well-being of those involved is promoted, which in the long run can lead to greater well-being in society as a whole.

More info about the social impact of the cooperative

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Blogs as a communication tool

We regularly publish blogs - in three languages - on real estate and housing and all related topics. The general public is given the opportunity to respond to the blogs, engage in discussion, and possibly contribute to future blogs. The blog platform offers a lot of food for thought, but above all wants to encourage action, reaction and interaction. After all, nothing is more powerful than human energy!

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Events for further exchange

People are not robots. They need personal interaction. Written exchanges around blogs or general news will lead to the organisation of meetings - physical or digital - around a certain theme.  So be sure to check out Whatt's Events page.

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Want to know who is behind Whatt?

This website is a personal initiative, grown out of more than 30 years of living and working in the super-diverse Brussels. It is an invitation to form a network of people who want to take concrete action with only one goal in mind: improving the housing situation of tenants in Brussels.

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