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Individuals, but also companies and other organisations, can participate in improving the housing supply in Europe's capital. The creation of a network of different stakeholders with a shared objective - to promote the general well-being - is a first step.

Do you want to be part of this super-diverse network?

Who are you?

  • someone who wants to make a concrete contribution to tackling the various housing challenges in Brussels?
  • a small or large investor interested in real estate?
  • a homeowner or tenant, an "expert by experience" in the Brussels-Capital Region?
  • a real estate or construction professional (contractor, architect, expert, real estate agent, real estate company, syndic, project developer, etc.) interested in a commitment (financial or otherwise) to a project with social relevance?
  • a health professional, social worker who provides assistance to people in a problematic housing situation?
  • a public sector organisation active in the field of housing or urban development?

Being part of this network will give you...

  • information about the current housing supply in Brussels (what is lacking, and which are the opportunities and solutions?)
  • an introduction to cooperative entrepreneurship (what does it entail and which part can the general public participate in?)
  • familiarity with the principles of sustainability in general and around buildings in particular
  • the possibility, in a second phase, of becoming a member of a cooperative and investing in real estate projects with social added value
  • in general: an opportunity to make a concrete contribution to the well-being in society